Most protein-based therapeutics in regenerative medicine have limited success due to uncontrolled drug delivery, which can result in side effects and high costs.


Our technology modifies therapeutic proteins to improve delivery through controlled localization, for enhanced efficacy and reduced dosage.


Although we have the ability to modify any protein-based therapeutic, we have placed as a priority to initially use our technology in the development of therapeutics for patients with myocardial infarction.


The limited clinical success of many protein-based therapeutics is often due to subpar delivery systems. The injected molecule tends to quickly diffuse away from the injection site, which is a problem especially in regenerative medicine where local action is crucial for tissue regeneration and repair.
Our technology solves this issue by allowing precise control over the delivery of the medication. By modifying therapeutic proteins to incorporate a built-in delivery system, we ensure they remain at the targeted injection site.


The absence of optimal delivery system usually calls for large doses of therapeutic protein to be administered. This can lead to negative side-effects, high costs, and poor therapeutic effects.
By controlling the localization of the therapeutic after delivery, we solve all these issues. Moreover, the adaptability of our system means that we can improve almost any protein therapeutic that can benefit from a local delivery. 


Orio Therapeutics has placed as a priority to use its technology in the development of therapeutics for patients with myocardial infarction (heart attack).

The lack of oxygen in a myocardial infarct will start a chain of events leading to damage to cardiac muscle and cellular death. This leads to an increase in fibrosis and long-term impairment the cardiac function.

As a first application we developed a molecule protecting the cardiac muscle following a heart attack, reducing fibrosis and cellular death, and preserving the cardiac function.

About Us

Orio Therapeutics originates from the research work of its two co-founders in the field of regenerative medicine and protein engineering. The company is based on a patented technology they developed at Monash University, Australia. Based on the Swiss roots of the co-founders and the Australian origin of the technology, Orio Therapeutics is seizing this opportunity to develop its activities in Monthey and Melbourne.

Our Team

Dr. Ziad Julier, co-founder and CEO of Orio Therapeutics

Dr. Ziad Julier

Co-founder & CEO

Ziad earned a PhD in Bioengineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), working on immunoengineering and vaccination technologies. He then joined the laboratory of Prof. Mikaël Martino at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute. There, he brought his experience in manipulating the immune system through protein engineering techniques and used it to develop new technologies in the recent field of immune-based regenerative medicine.

Prof. Mikaël Martino, co-founder and CSO of Orio Therapeutics

Prof. Mikaël Martino

Co-founder & CSO

Mikaël also completed a PhD in Bioengineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), focusing on regenerative medicine and growth factor engineering. He then continued his research at the Immunology Frontier Research Centre at the University of Osaka, where he started to explore the involvement of the immune system in tissue healing processes. In 2016, he joined the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute as an Associate Professor where he set up a laboratory focused on the development of immune-centric regenerative therapies.

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